Luci Stanescu's Homepage


Hi and welcome to my homepage, the place where you can find out things about, well, me. My name is Lucian-Alexandru Stănescu, although I prefer to be called Luci, hence the page's title (that along with the fact that I usually can't be bothered to use diacritics). I'm a programmer, Debian GNU/Linux lover and, in general, a geek. I own the =lucian i-name and I think XRI is a great idea that will never see widespread use. I'm also a proponent of deploying IPv6 as soon as possible (notice this site is also available via IPv6). I am not a blogger, public figure, etc. so don't expect a lot from these pages (my “blog” actually contains/will contain rants about things that frustrate me, it's not supposed to be anything journal like). I love what I do and I don't make a distinction between work and passion. My ultimate goal is to never stop learning and so far I'd say I'm on the right track.

My PGP key ID is 356F86DB; it's fingerprint is:
EFBF C1EF C802 8C3B 9CED 44DA BE11 3A68 356F 86DB

In case this is in any way useful, here is my vCard and my CV.

Me now

I'm currently a graduand (i.e. a soon-to-be graduate), having studied “Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science” at The University of Sheffield. I will graduate in July, 2011 with a first-class honours degree.

As I am about to relocate in London, I'm looking for a job. If you feel I could be interested in any offer, please don't hesitate to contact me.

What I do

I have played with many different technologies in the course of over 10 years since I discovered the personal computer and the Internet. You can check out a list of some of the things that I played with here. My favourite programming languages were, in turn, C, Java and finally Python.

I've setup a semi-complex mini-network which is my lab. Here is a diagram of my network. Thor, one of my most prized possessions, is my server which happens to host these pages as well.

Names I go by

Here's a hopefully complete list of my (relevant) identifiers:

IPv6 Certification Badge for lucistanescu